More Microsoft Office woes

Just when you think that Microsoft Office will be exploit free for a while you realize that it was only so much wishful thinking on your part. It would seem that exploit developers are still working away at exposing Microsoft Office for the buggy software that it is. It really makes me shake my head in wonder that Starship Redmond has not ordered wholesale code audits for this flagship product. Much as I have said before, simply hire someone with talent for a code audit and pay them the money. A pricey endeavor yes, as talented individuals like Mike Sues, Dave Aitel and company don’t come cheap. Then again, you get what you pay for. It would seem that Microsoft is intent on not taking corrective action. Why the heck they are reactive vice proactive is beyond me. Not like they are down to their last billion after all. Nor is it really viable to simply disallow .doc into your corporate network. Bleh. Very frustrating.

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