More Shops Cruising the Hybrid Cloud

So the hybrid cloud vendor commissioned Dimensional Research to find out just what is going on, which it did by questioning 221 IT professionals who were at the November AWS re:Invent show in Las Vegas. It knew these pros were already in the cloud. But how many were in the hybrid cloud?

According to the hybrid cloud survey, “75% confirmed that they planned to include a hybrid cloud as part of their IT strategy and over one-third expect public cloud usage will increase by more than 50%. However, 72% indicated that they find it difficult to map public cloud usage and costs to the correct organization and 91% said it would be valuable if they were able to set alerts when public cloud consumption reaches or exceeds established targets,” Cloud Cruiser noted.

Just as virtualization changes how IT services are provisioned, so does the cloud. No longer does IT know what servers, storage and bandwidth are allocated to what department (easing chargeback), the cloud makes this even more obscure.

That is one reason 44% of those surveyed at the show don’t have a way to do chargeback. On the other hand, more than half are working on ways to better show service costs.

So as hybrid clouds rise in prominence, they are beset by issues, some of which Cloud Cruiser is addressing.

“Every prediction we have seen indicates a growing adoption of hybrid cloud computing and this research confirms that trend,” said Deirdre Mahon, Chief Marketing Officer for Cloud Cruiser. “However, there are transparency and visibility challenges in managing consumption and costs in a hybrid environment. That is why Cloud Cruiser developed a heterogeneous set of capabilities to track usage, automatically bill customers and set cloud consumption alerts so our customers can take full advantage of hybrid IT infrastructures.”

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