Most Recently Used Documents

Explorer remembers your most recent entries in many dialog boxes. These lists
are called MRUs. If you want to erase your Explorer
tracks, the MRUs for Explorer can be found in keys under

Of most interest is the key with values for recently run commands. A privacy
issue. The run list is stored as a series of values a-z. To clear the Run
history, clear or modify value MRUList and clear
respective letters of command string.

RunMRU Start/Run Dialog
RecentDocs Start/Documents menu
OtherFolder OtherFolder PowerToys dialog
FindComputerMRU Find Computer dialog
PrnPortsMRU Recently used printers

Use TweakUI to clear the entire Run list.

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Desktop and Explorer Restrictions Tips:

Desktop icons

File menu in
Explorer is removed

Map Network Drive and Disconnect Network Drive menu from Explorer

Neighborhood icon removed and prevent network access from Explorer

Common Groups from Start Menu

Find command
removed from Start Menu

Run command removed from Start Menu
Shut Down button removed from
Start Menu

Panel, Printers and My Computer in Explorer hidden and on Start Menu

Taskbar on the Start Menu

Most Recently
Used entries removed from Run history

Menus do not display upon right
click on Taskbar, Start Button, Clock, or Taskbar icons

Menus do not display upon
right-click of Desktop or Explorer’s Results pane.

Only programs in Restrict
subkey can be run

Run command from Start menu

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