Move to disk-based backup with your current software

Many companies today are beginning to either replace or augment tape-based backup processes by moving to disk-based systems. However, not all backup software – particularly older versions of software – supports disk-based backup. Worse, buying new backup software can be an expensive proposition as you consider the number of different agents you need to do a complete job. There is, however, a solution. Acquire Virtual Tape Library (VTL) software that emulates a tape library but, in reality, saves all data backed up to it to a disk-based target. You can even combine the use of a VTL with a tape drive to enjoy both fast immediate recovery efforts as well as long-term archiving needs. You already know that disks are much faster that tape drives, so moving to a VTL can also reduce the amount of time it takes to back up your systems.

There are numerous Virtual Tape Library software products out there. Two that come to mind are FalconStor’s software and StarWind. StarWind has been in this game for quite some time and has a broad range of these kinds of products.

Are any of you using VTL software to achieve your backup and recovery goals? If so, what are you using and does it work well?

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