Multi-Hypervisor and Hybrid Cloud from @Hotlink Interview at VMworld 2012

My good friend and colleague, David Davis of TrainSignal fame, spent some time at VMworld 2012 speaking with Lynn LeBlanc, the CEO of Hotlink and getting a demo of the company’s multi-hypervisor and cloud management tools.  Hotlink aims to the the simplest tool to use in the multi-hypervisor and hybrid cloud space and, for their efforts thus far, the company was awarded Virtualization Review’s “Best Cloud Application” award for their new Hybrid Express solution.

As a part of the interview and demo, LeBlanc explained first-hand what the company is up to and had an engineer provide a demo of Hotlink Express, demonstrating how east it is to administer both your internal vSphere infrastructure and your Amazon public cloud service from within a single tool. Among the most compelling parts of the demo was the integration between PowerCLI on Amazon EC2 at the end of the video.

In addition to Hotlink Express, Hotlink also provides Hotlink SuperVisor.  A multi-hypervisor management tool, SuperVisor, manages multi-hypervisor environments that include vSphere, Hyper-V, and Xen. Such capability abstracts the hypervisor itself and enables new workload management options that may not be presently available, such as implementing tiers of service where, perhaps, your highest priority VMs are on vSphere and lower priority VMs are in Hyper-V or Xen. It’s all managed from a SuperVisor-powered version of vCenter and VMs can easily be moved back and forth between tiers with ease.

To watch the full interview and demo, visit here.

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