Multicast Mode NLB Support in UAG

Yes, it’s true.

UAG SP1 supports Multicast Mode NLB – something it didn’t support prior to SP1.

In an article by Benoit Sautiere at he points out that the information in the TechNet library is incorrect, in that it says that Multicast mode is not supported, and he is correct.

This should be a reminder to you that you shouldn’t take what you read in the TechNet library at face value – many times I have found errors and omissions that I personally found hard to believe. That’s why I trust the information in the TechNet library a bit less than what I read in Product Team and other Microsoft employee blogs – I know that the bloggers are intently focused on their work have their reputations on the line. Information from anonymous writers in the TechNet library? Not so much.



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