Multihomed PDC Causes Browsing Problems

On a multihomed primary domain controller, you can experience browsing problems
and NetBIOS name resolution errors. This occurs because each browser service
bound to each interface operates independently. The PDC exchanges lists with the
master browser on each network. The browser service does not merge the browse
list for separate networks. Applications on the PDC using NetBIOS name
resolution or browser services may be incomplete.

When browsing does not work on a multihomed computer, the transport that did
not work can be identified in Event Viewer by locating text similar to this:

The browser was unable to retrieve a list of servers from
the browser master on the network \\


The browser service has failed to retrieve the backup list too many times on
transport of .

The UnboundBindings parameter can be used to prevent
the PDC from gathering a browse list from each interface. However, in a WINS
environment where WINS provides the IP address for the master browser to find
the PDC, there is no way of guaranteeing that the correct interface is chosen.
Broadcasts may go to the unbound interface causing additional problem. This WINS
side-effect cannot be overcome with Windows NT 4.0.

To guarantee that it can merge a single, domain-wide list, the PDC must not
be a multihomed computer.

On a multihomed PDC running WINS, all WINS entries should have the IP address
of the one network adapter that has the browser service enabled.

To enable the UnboundBindings parameter :

Key: SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Browser\Parameters
Value: NetBT_network adapter name NIC(s) you want to

You can determine the network adapter names by issuing command:

net config rdr

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