MultiPoint 2011 – Very initial setup – Part 1

We’re eagerly testing Microsoft’s MultiPoint Server 2011 product at Westminster College with the hopes that we can continue to provide our students with excellent desktop access at a lower cost than we do now. I plan to keep all of you apprised our or progress in this space.

This week, we successfully configured our test bed, a Dell Optiplex 380 machine with 4 GB of RAM. Our main stumbling block was a driver issue with the Nvidia-based onboard graphics adapter. We happened to have a spare ATI video card that solved that problem. Our goal here is to get MP2011 up and running for testing to determine deployment feasibility, so we didn’t spend a lot of time yet figuring out what was going on with the hardware issue.

This week, we also ordered two HP T150 terminals which we’ll use in our testing. They have yet to arrive but once they do, I’ll report back with additional progress.

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