Windows Anywhere mystery feature arrives

As Microsoft keeps pushing out new Windows 10 Insider Builds, users are poring over the changelogs to see what’s new. But often, there are some new features being found that Microsoft doesn’t mention. In Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14926 for both PC and mobile, for example, there is something called Windows Anywhere. Running discussions and several signs point to Windows Anywhere being a feature that will bring newer sync setting options in the next generation of Windows 10.

Windows Anywhere option in Windows 10 Insider Build

With the release comes a reminder that Insider Preview builds have expiration dates. Starting September 15, those running older Insider Preview builds began seeing build expiration notifications once a day. Starting Oct. 1, computers running older, expired Insider Previews started rebooting every three hours, and on October 15 PCs running older Insider Previews will no longer reboot.

To prevent this from happening, Microsoft recommends updating old Insider Preview builds to newer ones by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Those running Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14393) in the Slow and Release Preview rings are not affected and will not be receiving build expiration notifications.

Also included in Build 14962 was a Snooze action tab in Microsoft Edge, which allows users to put a Cortana reminder on the website the user is viewing so it can easily be accessed when needed. The build also had improvements for future upgrades and added functionality for Microsoft Edge. For mobile, the build brought an updated WiFi setting that matches how it works on PC.

The announcement for the build also formally introduced Microsoft Rewards, which builds on the Bing Rewards program. With Microsoft Rewards, users have more ways to earn rewards such as when they use Bing for search, shopping at the Windows and Microsoft stores, and browsing the web with Microsoft Edge.

Windows Anywhere can be found in “Sync Your Settings” in the Windows 10 account settings page. It could be that Microsoft will rebrand the “Sync Settings” feature or it could be a whole new other feature. While it has not been made clear yet what Windows Anywhere function will actually be, it will most likely be a way for files or apps to be readily available on PC, smartphone, or tablet running Windows 10.

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