Nakivo gets physical with data backup in its v9.1 release

Backups are important for any business irrespective of its size. Today, businesses deal with petabytes of highly sensitive data. Even if some of this data gets corrupted or is lost because of a technical glitch, it can hurt a business irrevocably. Data is more valuable than ever and there is a growing need for backing it up efficiently so that businesses can get up running when they encounter loss of data. Backups should be a priority for any business and organizations should chalk out an efficient backup strategy that works for their business.

The cloud is not the only solution

The cloud is incredible and has become an essential part of several organizations’ backup strategy. This is because you can back up your physical servers and your cloud-based servers with great ease. Cloud vendors provide multiple storage options to store archival and more frequent backups. However, not every organization is going gaga over the cloud. Many organizations run most of their critical workloads over their local datacenters. This is mostly because of the speed that comes with having your data available locally. Several organizations also choose to keep their backups saved in secure local servers because of the intrinsic trust.

Other than this, backing up your cloud servers is equally important because even they are not safe from data loss due to outage. Backing up the cloud servers to another vendor is sometimes difficult and having two different vendors can also burn a hole in an organization’s pocket. Therefore, organizations are beginning to realize that having physical backups along with cloud backups is just as important.


Backup and replicate all your data

Nakivo Backup & Replication is one of the most popular data protection solutions in the market. Nakivo offers a lightweight, feature-complete solution that is fast and reliable. Nakivo Backup & Replication provides cost-effective and automated backup jobs that help ease the administrative burden of managing backups. Nakivo offers backup for VMware, Nutanix AHV, Hyper-V, Linux Server, Windows Server and Workstation, AWS EC2, and Office 365. It also provides replication and disaster recovery for physical and virtual workloads.

Nakivo’s other features like backup copy, backup size-reduction, and global deduplication help make backing up data more efficient. This solution also encrypts your backup with AES 256-bit encryption to make backups less susceptible to attacks and corruption.

Don’t forget your physical devices

With its new release, Nakivo is aiming to target an even bigger audience. Many organizations want a mixed infrastructure that combines the best of both the cloud and the physical servers to have more flexibility and reliability. Nakivo understands that not every business wants to go cloud-native and with its Backup & Replication v9.1 release, Nakivo is going physical.

Let’s take a look at the new features that make Nakivo “physical.”

  • Backup to tape

Tape devices have long been regarded as the most efficient and affordable storage media. Tapes may seem outdated to some, but they remain the best way to store archive backups. Many organizations still rely on tapes because of how reliable they are. With the backup to tape feature, you can now easily send backup copies to your tape device.

Nakivo’s solution offers incremental backups to tape, which helps save considerable storage space by avoiding duplication. You can simply backup across several tape devices without worrying about the extensive setup process. Once the backups are stored, you can quickly identify the tape cartridge that holds the backup you want and recover it instantly.

Other than this you get a single pane of glass to manage and monitor all your backup processes. You can apply filters to find a specific cartridge in no time. The dashboard also provides a list of all the tape devices in your infrastructure and their respective statuses.

Nakivo also allows you to automate the entire process of backing up to tape devices. You can simply set up policy-based rules to automate the backup and this tool will then regularly scan your environment and write the backups that meet the policies on to the tapes.

  • Windows workstation backup

Data stored on workstations can be lost due to corruption, accidental deletion, hardware issue, and ransomware. It is extremely crucial to back up your workstations from time to time to protect sensitive data. Nakivo’s latest version helps you backup your windows PCs to the cloud or to tape.

Physical Machine Backup allows you to create and save backups for your Windows 10-based systems. Windows workstation backup leverages Nakivo’s state-of-the-art application-aware and incremental backup process to create consistent backups that can be recovered instantly. This feature also allows users to recover only specific files and folders instead of making a global recovery.

Windows backups can be copied and stored in different locations to avoid a single point of failure. You can run your backup processes on-demand or schedule your Windows backups with ease using the Calendar Dashboard. With this dashboard, you can easily visualize your scheduled backup processes and find available spots to schedule new ones while avoiding any overlaps.

  • Linux server backup

Running workloads over Linux servers is a common practice among organizations. Therefore, it is important to back up the data on these servers to avoid data loss. Nakivo Backup and Replication now brings you Linux Server Backup to help manage this important task.

Just like Windows workstation backups, this feature allows you to back up your Linux servers to offsite, cloud, and tape. You get consistent, incremental backups with global deduplication and compression to help save storage space. However, the most exciting part of this new feature is that you can recover your Linux server backups to VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines which makes the process of migration simple and seamless. You can also recover a specific item from your Linux server backups rather than restoring the entire server.

  • Instant verification

Another important feature released by Nakivo is its Instant Verification feature, which is an upgrade to the Backup Verification feature that was already a part of Nakivo Backup & Replication. Instant Verification is meant for instant testing of your VM backups and replicas to find any errors. Nakivo recovers your backups and boots your VM replicas and then checks their OS heartbeat. If the version is verified, you get sent a screenshot of the OS notifying that your backup or replica is correct. This feature can help avoid last-minute stress when your backups don’t recover properly.

Extended features

Nakivo Backup & Replication has emerged as an affordable, reliable, and swift data protection solution. However, with its newest version, Nakivo is extending its features to help you back up your physical servers. Nakivo’s backup to tape feature is also a step in the right direction as it will attract several organizations that want to back up their virtualized workloads locally.

Organizations desperately need good solutions to manage their backups, and Nakivo’s extensive solution is taking all the right steps to meet their complex needs. Organizations are moving towards a more mixed infrastructure and with it’s constantly growing portfolio, Nakivo Backup & Replication is an ideal solution. Nakivo is evolving rapidly and is set to keep rolling out new versions of its solutions with new enhancements. Backing up your data is becoming more important every day, and Nakivo is also making it easier to do.

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