Need cheap (but good) storage? Try NETGEAR

This week, I was working at a client site on a Forefront Identity Manager and SharePoint project.  So, naturally, I was pulled into a discussion regarding the organization’s backup and recovery needs (I kid… but I tend to be pulled into new and different things while I’m on engagements… it’s one of the things I love about what I do.)  After a lot of discussion about needs, RTOs, RPOs, archiving and compliance needs and disaster recovery, we settled on Veeam as a backup software provider for the organization.

During that discussion, the topic of backup storage arose, as it would.  We considered a number of different options, but after speaking with my good friend Rick Vanover (Veeam evangelist extraordinaire), we decided to move forward with NETGEAR’s enterprise line of mass disk storage.  Specifically, we decided on NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS 4200 36TB array, which will provide the organization with more than enough storage for backups for the foreseeable future.

Better yet, by placing a second such unit at the organization’s DR site, we can use the ReadyNAS’s built in replication capability to replicate backups between sites.  Additionally, we can use Veeam’s ability to replicate virtual machines to replicate high priority VMs from the main data center to the DR site’s vSphere server.

We did consider other solutions, including Dell’s DR4100 device, but given Veeam’s own deduplication technology (which, admittedly operates at the job level rather than the volume level), we’re confident that the solution will meet the organization’s needs.

Best of all, the ReadyNAS units are extremely well-priced.  The 36 TB unit is currently running just under $10,000 on, making it an extremely affordable solution.  If you need mass storage, I recommend that you check it out.

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