Need load balancing in your virtual environment? Try Kemp.

You probably already know that everything that used to be done in the physical world has made or is making its way to the virtual one.  This is true even for services that used to be all about the hardware, such as load balancers.  Kemp, a maker of load balancers for the masses, has created and released a virtual load balancer product that works with quite a number of environments, including:

  • vSphere (OVF)
  • VMware Workstation, and Player (VMDK)
  • Hyper-V
  • XEN
  • KVM

Kemp sells a couple of editions of their virtual load balancing product.  The VLM-100 supports up 100 Mbps throughput while the VLM 1000 is limited only by your underlying hardware. Kemp’s virtual load balancers support an array of features, including VLAN trunking, layer 4/7 balancing, optimized Exchange support and a lot more.  To learn more, visit Kemp’s Virtual Load Balancer page.

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