Need mega RAM and use blades? Dell’s PowerEdge M710HD should be on your short list

As I was perusing Dell’s site tonight looking for newly released equipment, I ran across a server I haven’t seen before – the Dell PowerEdge M710HD blade server. Being a user of Dell’s M1000e blade chassis into which this new blade fits, I wanted to find out what the “HD” meant. Apparently, it means “high density” as this mini server sports eighteen RAM slots supporting up to 192GB of RAM… in a half height form factor. For those keeping track at home, this means that an 16 slot M1000e chassis fully populated with M710HD servers could host 3,072 GB (3 TB) of RAM and 32 processors since the M710HD is a dual socket device.

Other than massive RAM support, the M710HD isn’t all that different from the M610 server except in minor ways. Both support dual processors, dual disks and have two I/O mezzanine sockets. The M710HD does support new six core Intel processors; at present, Dell’s technical specifications for the M610 indicate that only four core processors are supported. If this is true, it gives the M710HD the potential for a four core edge over the M610, in addition to the extra RAM support.

It’s a well-known fact that RAM is the most precious commodity when it comes to virtual environments so this addition to Dell’s blade line is certainly a welcome one.

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