NetApp Acquires SolidFire

Last week NetApp announced it is acquiring SolidFire for $870 Million. Almost a billion dollars seems like a really good price for both companies involved…not too low, not too high. SolidFire has taken in about $150 million in fundraising over the last couple of years so this seems really great…almost 5 or 6 times more than what they’ve taken in thus far. NetApp has been getting beaten up a bit about their ability to keep up with the rest of the storage industry and this acquisition could go a long way to help combat that issue.

SolidFire is generally sold in very large arrays probably meant more for cloud providers or enterprise companies. But they’re definitely forward thinking with their cloudy perspective on things and offering some great open APIs. SolidFire has a really great repuation thus far and I think NetApp has a lot of room to make improvements through acquisitions in this time of turmoil for EMC/Dell and HP.

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