Network Basics

The Windows95 network setup is not very complicated, as long as you installed all required modules:

You need to define/configure:
– the driver to control your “Network Adapter
– the “protocol” (compare it on agreeing on a language: you need to install on all systems the SAME protocol, to make sure, the systems can “talk” to each other). On Windows95, you have the choice between “NetBEUI“,”IPX/SPX” and “TCP/IP“, for which Microsoft has delivered all necessary modules.
– a “Client module“, which is the part of the network software going OUT and trying to access data stored on disks on OTHER computers on the network.
This 3 module are required for a complete network. optional, you can also install:
– a “Server Module“, which is the part of the network software answering incoming requests and allowing other systems to access data on your disks. This module is called on Windows 95 the “File and Printer Sharing“.
The links between the modules (the arrows in the above drawing) are called: “Bindings” and it is required to have proper Bindings through the complete path of the network-connection from the Client-module on one system to the Server-module on another system:

If the binding is ‘missing’ somewhere on the way, then the network is ‘broken’ and you have no connection.

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