Checking: PC not shown in Network Neigborhood

A few basic item to check, when setting up a Windows 95 network and you cannot see the other PC’s in the Network Neighborhood:

* is “MS File and Printer Sharing” installed ?
* Did you “share” something , a printer or a full disk or a directory?
(only system with ‘something’ to offer show up in the Network Neighborhood)
* Did you install on ALL systems “MS NetNEUI as protocol ?
(the systems do NOT understand each other, if they have not the same protocol installed, and the limited Windows95-Server module “MS File and Printer Sharing” works best with the “MS NetBEUI” protocol).
* If you use IPX protocol, did you configure IPX Frame Typ ?
* If you use TCP/IP protocol, can you PING the other systems(s) ?
Can you PING in BOTH directions (sometimes PING works only in ONE direction)
* Are the systems part of the SAME workgroup ? Typed EXACTLY the same ?
* Make sure, that the computer names are UNIQUE on the network (i.e. if 2 or more system have the same name , it does NOT work, they cannot talk to each other)
If all of the above is configure properly, verify whether you have a hardware problem by making the Test by Connection using TCP/IP or using NET DIAG:
* if you can ‘ping’ the other systems, then you have to continue to check your software configuration.
* if ‘ping’ does not get an echo, check your network hardware (did Windows 95 properly detect the IRQ of your network board, did you properly configure/select the proper plug on a Multi-Connector Board, do you have the proper cable (‘straight’/’crossed’ when using Twisted Pair Ethernet (10baseT/UTP)), did you properly ‘terminated’ the coax-cable of Thin Ethernet (10base2) ? it may also be caused by a different Network Ground/power ground level.

With Windows98, there can be a lot more possible causes for Windows95 and Windows98 systems NOT seeing each other.

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