NetIQ’s NT to W2K Migration Tools

I don’t know how complex your existing Windows NT environment is, how much money$$ your organization will spend on tools, but it has become apparent to me that the barriers to moving to Windows 2000 Active Directory are high and the number of knowledgeable people is low. One needs help. Migration from NT or NDS to AD is complex. Check out NetIQ’s white papers on their migration suite. Start with their whitepaper which gives an overview of the NetIQ Migration Suite. See NetIQs product whitepapers page for details on the Migration Suite but in summary the migration suite includes :

  • Domain Migration Administrator
    Migrate NT user accounts, groups, and computer accouts to AD.
    Microsoft licensed and provides a cutldown subset of DMA under the name Active Directory Migration Tool ( ADMT ). NetIQ offers a two-day Domain Migration Administrator Essentials course ($1100) on the installation and operation of NetIQ Domain Migration Administrator which covers:

    • Intro to Windows 2000 for DMA Users
    • Migration Overview
    • Domains in Windows 2000
    • Why consolidate domains in Windows 2000?
    • Migration Best Practices
    • Migrations vs. Upgrades
    • How SIDs and ACLs affect migrations
    • Migrating to Mixed-Mode and Native-Mode Windows 2000 Domains
    • Domain Migrator
    • Architecture
    • Installing DM
    • Projects
    • Reports
    • Server Consolidator
    • NetWare Migrator
    • OU Populator

  • Exchange Migrator
    migrates mailboxes, custom recipients, distribution lists, and public folders to a new Exchange site
  • Server Consolidator
    migrates files, folders, shares, printers, printer settings, and access permissions from one server to another.
  • NetWare Migrator
    migrate from Novell NDS and Netware binderies to Windows NT or Windows 2000/AD.
  • Migration Assesor
    configuration assessment and reporting tool

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