Network Engines Launches Industry’s First Fully Integrated Enterprise Security Appliance Powered by Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition

CANTON, Mass.–June 12, 2006– High-Performance Enterprise Security Appliance Improves the Management, Reliability, and Security of Distributed Microsoft-based Networks and Infrastructures

Network Engines, Inc. (NASDAQ: NENG), the leading appliance partner for Microsoft(R) security solutions, today announced the availability of the NS9200 Enterprise Security Appliance – the first fully integrated appliance powered by Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Enterprise Edition. The NS9200 provides large enterprises with the security and bandwidth-optimization capabilities of ISA Server Enterprise Edition and the security services of the full Websense(R) Web Security Suite(TM).

The NS9200 combines integrated security and caching capabilities with central policy management in a high-availability fault-tolerant appliance optimized for Microsoft infrastructures. This provides high-performance caching and content screening at lower costs of operation – a key for large organizations that must affordably protect information assets while enhancing user productivity.

"The NS9200 is the type of product IT staff and leaders are looking to deploy throughout their distributed organizations. It is a scalable, multi-function security appliance platform that eases considerable pain points because Network Engines has created easily deployable solutions which integrate application-layer firewall, VPN, and web caching services, powered by Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition, with web content, anti-virus, and anti-spyware filters, " said Charles Kolodgy, Research Director at IDC. "By providing a fault-tolerant network and application protection platform complete with central policy management, Network Engines is offering a long-term strategic approach to network security."

The NS9200 is architected to meet the unique scalability and reliability requirements of large enterprises. Network Engines Web Services – NEWS(TM) – provides enhanced configuration management, real-time hardware monitoring, and streamlined deployment capabilities. Configuration backup and recovery technology provides both scheduled and on-demand backup functionality, allowing rapid restoration of the NS9200 to a known-reliable configuration. Multiple Network Load Balancing arrays, each comprised of up to 31 appliances, can be installed in an enterprise network to meet the needs of the largest organizations.

"The NS9200 platform harnesses the power of Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition with the capabilities of the NS Series(TM) from Network Engines to deliver the scalability and high levels of integration the Enterprise is demanding, " said Mike Riley, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Strategy of Network Engines. "The suite of security services delivered on the NS9200 confirms its pedigree as a true enterprise-class multi-function security appliance, while integrated and centralized management capabilities provide the levels of resilience, redundancy, and scalability demanded by Fortune 1000 clients."

"Our customers are looking for a comprehensive and well-integrated set of security solutions to help ease the cost, manageability, and complexity of enhancing their infrastructure’s security. Appliance providers such as Network Engines are key to delivering solutions that maximize protection, " said Steve Brown, Director of Product Management for the Security Access and Solutions Division at Microsoft Corporation. "The NS9200 is an innovative offering for customers that integrate ISV applications with core Microsoft ISA Server technology on Network Engines appliances."

Targeted Security, Seamless Management

The NS Series Security Appliances are a family of integrated security appliances providing advanced application-layer firewall, VPN, and web cache functionality to maximize protection of core Microsoft applications on a hardened operating platform. By tailoring the NS Series specifically to Microsoft infrastructures, applications like Exchange Server, SharePoint(R) Portal Server, and Internet Information Services (IIS) perform faster and offer more reliable service to clients at lower cost. Integrated with anti-virus capabilities and the full Websense Web Security Suite, NS9200 appliances accelerate access to frequently requested web content while providing best of breed content filtering to prevent spyware, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses from contaminating the enterprise. Close integration of Websense with Microsoft Active Directory(R) service enables administrators to create granular security policy using familiar tools.

"The NS9200 powered by Microsoft ISA Server Enterprise Edition is one of the most powerful security platforms in the market today, " commented Dr. Thomas Shinder, Microsoft MVP and founder of the independent online resource, "Network Engines has created the fault-tolerant, multi-function and multi-scenario appliance-based network security solution that CIOs have sought. Instead of installing an endless stream of single-function software and devices, IT can standardize on a single platform to secure distributed networks and also gain high availability and centralized security policy management for key applications."

The NS9200 list price is $16, 495 and is now available from Network Engines reseller partners. For more information please visit or call (877) 638-9323 or +1 781-332-1000.

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