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OneClick version of Network Monitor is a quick solution that allows you to capture network traffic from a Windows computer without the need of installing the complete Network Monitor package. Still, you need Network Monitor installed on a separate computer in order to able to analyze the saved data. This tool is useful for customer support scenarios.

The two One Click Packages available are the Autorun package and the ExtractOnly

Autorun: Running this utility will install Network Monitor 3.1 (NM3.1) on your machine (if you do not already have a previous version of NM3) and begin capturing. The capture will terminate after 2 hours, or if you press the ‘x’ key on your keyboard. If you did not have NM3 on your machine previously, NM3.1 will subsequently be uninstalled.

– Save the Autorun.exe file to your machine, right click on the exe and select
“Run as administrator”.

ExtractOnly: Use the ExtractOnly package if you want to save the OneClick utility to a portable device, e.g., a USB key and later run the tool on a different machine. The extract only package will extract all the necessary files needed to run One Click to a user-specified destination folder. If you place the files on the root of a flash drive, One Click will run automatically when you insert the drive. You can also run One Click by double clicking the file “OneClick.cmd” in the destination folder.

– For ExtractOnly.exe, right click on the file OneClick.cmd which is extracted
to your destination folder, and select “Run as administrator”.

Note, if you get an “Access Denied” error when running the utility then you need to run One Click as an administrator. In addition, you can run OneClick if NM3 is already installed or you are a member of the Netmon Uses group.

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