Windows Networking

Securing out-of-lifecycle systems

Not every business can afford the latest and greatest, even if they want to be secure.

2 months ago

Adding a progress bar to your PowerShell scripts

One way that you can gain more insights into your PowerShell scripts is by incorporating a progress bar. Let me…

2 months ago

Enterprise considerations when purchasing laptops

You're tasked with purchasing and provisioning laptops for a bunch of users at your company. What kinds of things are…

2 months ago

Digging deeper into Windows 11: The good, the questionable — and why?

Microsoft is touting Windows 11 as the next evolution of Windows. But is it merely Windows 10 with a touch…

6 months ago

It’s about time: Importance of an accurate NTP server for your datacenter

Don’t waste time: GPS-based NTP time servers may the missing ingredient for making your datacenter — and you — run…

9 months ago

User’s guide to customizing and managing Windows Terminal

Now that we know how to install and run comments with the new Windows Terminal, let’s learn how we can…

1 year ago

Trench Tales: Remote office server replacement project

Simplifying the infrastructure at your remote offices can save your company money and help your IT staff sleep better at…

1 year ago

Trench Tales: Enterprise FollowMe printing gotchas

While FollowMe printing has been a boon for enterprises, implementing it sometimes has a few gotchas to avoid. Follow me…

1 year ago

Windows Terminal: Getting started with Microsoft’s new utility

Windows Terminal is pretty cool, but what else can you do with it besides installing it and issuing commands to…

1 year ago

Why SMBs need a standalone solution for Windows 10 patch management

Is patch management for the Windows PCs at your business driving you crazy? Maybe there's a different solution than the…

1 year ago