Netwrix Combines IT with Neuroscience to Predict and Prevent Security and Compliance Incidents

IRVINE, Calif., April 1, 2014 – Netwrix Corporation, the #1 provider of change and configuration auditing software, today unveiled its new “mind-reading” technology which can wirelessly capture the brain activity signals of systems administrators via standard Bluetooth devices and then predict and alert on their actions before these actions are taken. Using a combination of electroencephalography (known as EEG), Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology and an advanced prediction algorithm, the new Netwrix technology is able to understand thought processes and predict actions that can potentially impact organization’s security, compliance or operational efficiency.

The new security risk prediction innovation is the result of a decade of research and development by Netwrix engineers and neuroscientists. The technology captures and interprets neural signals generated by the human brain (which have an electromagnetic nature), to record brain activity, understand patterns and determine thought processes as they are happening. The low-amplitude electromagnetic brain activity signals are wirelessly captured using the latest advances in Bluetooth low energy technology and then correlated and dynamically mapped into the person’s actions.

The resulting data is fed into the Netwrix system which tunes the prediction algorithm and stores the knowledge. Once trained, the system is then able to predict the actions performed by system administrators and alert on these actions before they happen. The new technology requires no additional hardware investments, since Bluetooth is now included in most endpoint devices, including workstations, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“We are so excited to be early adopters of this new Netwrix technology,” said Craig Wilson, CIO of Jetson, Krebbs & Thomas, LLP. “I’m not paranoid and I do trust my employees (most of the time), but I like to be in control. Now I have a way to understand my employees’ thought processes so I can predict actions that can potentially impact security or compliance. The world of IT security will never be the same because of this latest innovation by Netwrix.”

“Netwrix is a visionary leader in change and configuration auditing,” said Michael Fimin, CEO, Netwrix. “This new game-changing technology is the realization of many years of progressive innovation in both IT and neuroscience.  By seeing into the minds of system administrators we can not only accurately predict their unwanted actions but can help to avoid costly changes and mistakes that may put organizations at risk.”

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