New Blackberry…on Android?

A new Blackberry phone, called the Blackberry Priv is available. What’s strange about this is that it’s actually on the Android platform. RIM/Blackberry has been having problems ever since the release of the first iPhone and one of the main issues is that there just aren’t any apps available for Blackberry. Developers are simply only concentrating on Android and IOS and who can blame them? So Blackberry decided to release its new Priv on the Android platform. This could be seen as the best of both worlds, in that you get the enterprise security offered with Blackberry while still getting the openness of the Play Store for apps. 

I’m not sure how you can still get the security when you have a more open app environment, though. Even if certain things are isolated from the apps…I imagine if a hacker figured out how to attack a certain app it seems it would be pretty easy to at least brick the phone. Also, the price point is a little high at $699. I personally am not attracted to the Blackberry line anymore, although I had a few of them back in the day (and they were great phones in their time). Honestly, I think Microsoft might even beat out Blackberry at this point as the third mobile platform of choice.

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