New Exchange PM joins the fray

From a post on KC’s blog. Definitely a new blog to look out for 🙂

Jason Mayans is the PM lead for many of the more end-user-oriented features in Exchange 12 such as improved calendaring and search.

He’s kicked off his new blog with some cool historical posts on how we designed Smart Scheduling in Outlook/Exchange, including some screenshots of the designs over time which is always interesting to see:

The Evolution of “Smart Scheduling” in Outlook 2007 – Part 1

The Evolution of “Smart Scheduling” in Outlook 2007 – Part 2

I already threatened him with bodily harm if he starts a blog and then doesn’t post to it regularly, we shall see if my threats have the desired effect. 🙂


BTW do you know why the domain for the new Exchange 2007 Wiki is ? Well it’s simply because the new Exchange 2007 logo is called the ninja star. No I’m not kidding, read the proof in this post on on KC’s blog 🙂 

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