First look: Handful of new features coming to G Suite

Google recently announced a handful of updates to G Suite. These updates to Google’s popular productivity suite are intended to give organizations brand new ways to use the suite of tools for creative work and growing their businesses. Here’s a rundown of some of the changes and how they might impact your own use of G Suite.

Security center investigation tool

The new investigation tool within the G Suite security center adds integration remediation to the existing prevention and detection capabilities. So admins will be able to identify which users might be infected and see if any sensitive data has been shared externally. You can even remove access to certain Drive files or delete any malicious emails right from the security center. Basically, this new feature gives you the ability to monitor threats and protect your data in one place.

Data regions for G Suite Business and Enterprise customers

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If you have specific data control requirements, G Suite now allows you to choose where to store your primary data for select G Suite apps, whether they’re globally distributed or based in the U.S. or Europe. With this new added support feature, G Suite Business and Enterprise customers can manage those data regions on an ongoing basis.

Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat

You may already be familiar with the Smart Reply feature in Gmail. Basically, it recognizes which messages are most likely to require responses and then suggests three different replies that might sound like how you would normally respond to such a message, saving you time on typing out those repetitive messages. This feature is now coming to Hangouts Chat and will soon be available to G Suite users.

Smart Compose for G Suite

Smart Compose is another Gmail feature you might recognize. If you’re already typing an email, it can autocomplete certain parts like greetings, sign-offs, and common phrases. This feature is also ready for G Suite customers to start using.

Grammar suggestions in Docs

Google has also introduced a new machine translation-based approach to recognizing grammatical errors in Docs. This tool can catch simple grammar rules and complicated concepts like subordinate clauses. Then it suggests corrections for your Docs on the fly. This new feature is available now through Google’s Early Adopter Program.

Voice commands for Hangouts Meet

Within Hangouts Meet, there’s also a new voice command feature that allows you to connect to a video meeting in seconds just by indicating with a vocal command. Meet hardware customers should have access to this feature later in the year.

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