New in Forefront TMG Update 1 – Multiple URL Categories

image “When Forefront TMG queries MRS for a URL categorization, the result may include multiple categories (for example, a site can be categorized as both a Portal and Web Mail site). By default Forefront TMG uses the most significant category (otherwise known as the primary category) according to the category precedence list. In Forefront TMG Update 1, we have added the ability to configure Forefront TMG to use the non-primary categories as well. This ability applies to the following elements that utilize URL categories:

  • Destination list (the To: tab) in access rules (per rule)
  • Destination Exceptions in malware inspection (per array)
  • Destination Exceptions in HTTPS outbound inspection (per array)”

Check out the details of this great new feature on the TMG Firewall Team blog over at:



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