New Intel SSD: A ‘ruler’ among solid-state drives

Intel just introduced its newest solid-state drive. The PCIe-based QLC Intel SSD D5-P4326 is equipped to store up to 32 terabytes and is about the size of a standard ruler, making it Intel’s densest drive ever. It also includes some key features that make them easier to power and keep cool. This could potentially eliminate a lot of the stress and added cost that goes along with running high-powered datacenters. Here’s some more information about the new Intel SSD and what makes it unique in today’s market.

About the new Intel SSD

The size and power are what makes this new SSD unique. But it is also built on Intel 3D NAND technology. So it stacks memory cells atop one another in multiple layers that are all extremely thin, while other products may use just one stack. More specifically, Memory cells in the D5-P4326 are stacked 64 layers deep, which is essentially what allows it to serve as Intel’s densest drive offering.


In addition to the density of the drive, the Intel D5-P4326 also doesn’t produce a ton of heat since it doesn’t include any moving parts. With older disk drives and even some modern models, the cost of air conditioning to keep them cool can represent a major expense for organizations. So with this new Intel SSD option, you have the ability to support both cloud and datacenter operations without that added expense.

The new ruler-shaped SSDs can also be lined up side by side, with up to 32 in a row. With each of those able to hold a petabyte of data, that’s a whole lot of storage in a small space. And lining them up in this fashion allows you to power them more efficiently. In fact, Intel says that this setup requires only about one-tenth of the power and one-twentieth of the space compared to standard hard disk storage solutions.

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