Quick take: The new wizard to create resources in Microsoft Azure

I was recently performing a couple of tests and I noticed a there is a new wizard when creating a Storage Account in Microsoft Azure. The wizard is not available on all resources but we can check it out when creating a new Storage Account.

There are some differences when compared to the previous format. For starters, it has a sequence where we can configure the basics (subscription and resource group, name and etc.) as shown in Item 1.

The subscription and resource group have a line to demonstrate hierarchy (Item 2), and we have the option to skip to the final page and use default settings (Item 4) or go step-by-step configuring security with the advanced tab (Item 3), tags, and, finally, review + create pages.

You may be wondering about the ability to download a template for automation, right? It is still there, but it is displayed on the last page.

Microsoft Azure

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