New PowerShell V3 Language Features

We’ve already discussed the biggest new PowerShell language feature – workflows – in a previous post. In this post, I’m going to describe a number of small changes we’ve made to the language. Most of the changes described here don’t introduce any new syntax, but I think you’ll agree that most of these changes make various aspects of scripting in PowerShell simpler. To me, many of these features are what make PowerShell a joy to use.

Member Enumeration

To start, I’m going to describe a little feature that had no official name until I started this blog post. I’m also starting with this feature because it was a surprise hit (to me anyway) when we demonstrated to the PowerShell MVPs recently.

If you find yourself frequently piping a collection to ForEach-Object or Select-Object (or more likely the aliases % or select) to get a single property, then you’ll love this feature.

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