New Server Based Computing Guide Directs Companies Towards Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

2X today announced the release of the 2X Server Based Computing Guide, which describes ways in which to optimize IT network infrastructures whilst cutting hardware, energy and administration costs.

Businesses worldwide face an escalating desktop PC management problem, requiring tremendous resources, both in staff and capital. As a result, the typical IT infrastructure has become increasingly complex, resource-intensive, and expensive.

“Only the more advanced thin client approach will be able to outdo cost intensive Windows fat clients in companies’ networks. Desktop Centralization like VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or Microsoft’s Terminal Server can stop the day-to-day fat client management and maintenance from becoming a bigger headache. At 2X we are proud to contribute to this by presenting the Server Based Computing Guide explaining how to use 2X thin client technology to distribute Desktops and Applications to cost efficient thin clients and converted PCs,” said Nikolaos Makris, CEO 2X

What the 2X Server Based Computing Guide offers:

The Guide supports IT decision makers and administrators with all the necessary information to choose the right SBC solution for their Network infrastructure. It is divided into two main parts. Part one describes different application publishing scenarios with 2X ApplicationServer and 2X LoadBalancer on Windows Terminal Server.

The second part explains how to convert a network in a native thin client environment connecting to Virtual Desktops, Linux and Windows Terminal Servers and publishing applications to the 2X ThinClientServer multiple OS desktop.

Server Based Computing Core advantages

  • Less Administration – Allows central management of users, patches software, (updates and upgrades) data, and backups
  • Hardware Independence – Supports virtually all client devices and computer hardware and very low system
  • Reducing Energy Costs – Thin clients have a very low system requirement and less energy consumption than standard PCs
  • Easy Access – Employees, customers and Partners telework / roam more easily using published desktops and applications
  • Reduction in TCO – Total Cost of Ownership reduction by up to 50%

For more information about 2X Server Based Computing Guide visit: . The Guide is available for download here . User to user support is available via the 2X forums at

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