New trace package available for UAG versions through Service Pack 4 Rollup 1

Forefront UAG tracing can be run on the Forefront UAG server, and on client endpoint devices connecting to Forefront UAG resources. You configure trace settings, start tracing, reproduce scenarios that require troubleshooting, stop tracing, and then convert the binary tracing output to text.

This download provides the following:
• A set of .tmf files in a zip file. These .tmf files can be used to convert binary trace files on the Forefront UAG server, and on client endpoint devices.
• A EULA license
• A document with instructions for configuring and running tracing

Note that the zip file provided by this download is cumulative. .tmf files included in the zip file can be used with the RTM version of Forefront UAG, and with subsequent Forefront UAG releases.

Versions of .tmf files provided by this download are as follows:

• UAG RTM (Version 4.0.1101.000)
• UAG Update 1 (Version 4.0.1152.100) KB Article 981323
• UAG Update 2 (Version 4.0.1269.200), KB Article 2288900
• UAG RTM MS10-089 bulletin (Version 4.0.1101.052), KB Article 2433585
• UAG Update 1 MS10-089 bulletin (Version 4.0.1152.150), KB Article 2433584
• UAG Update 2 MS10-089 bulletin (Version 4.0.1269.250), KB Article 2418933
• UAG SP1 (Version 4.0.1752.10000), KB Article 2285712
• UAG SP1 Rollup 1 (Version 4.0.1752.10020), KB Article 2475733
• UAG RTM MS11-079 bulletin (Version 4.0.1101.063), KB Article 2522482
• UAG Update 1 MS11-079 bulletin (Version 4.0.1152.163), KB Article 2522483
• UAG Update 2 MS11-079 bulletin (Version 4.0.1269.284), KB Article 2522484
• UAG SP1 MS11-079 bulletin (Version 4.0.1752.10073), KB Article 2522485
• UAG SP1 Update 1 (Version 4.0.1773.10100), KB Article 2585140
• UAG SP1 MS12-026 (Version 4.0.1753.10076), KB Article 2649261
• UAG SP1 Update 1 MS12-026 (Version 4.0.1773.10190), KB Article 2649262
• UAG SP2 (Version 4.0.2095.10000), KB Article 2710791
• UAG SP3 (Version 4.0.3123.10000), KB Article 2744025
• UAG SP3 Rollup 1
• UAG SP4 (Version 4.0.4083.10000), KB Article 2861386
• UAG SP4 Rollup 1 (Version 4.0.4160.10100), KB Article 2922171

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