New version of Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer has been released

Today we released an updated version of the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer. For those of you not familiar with this site, it is a Web-based tool that helps you troubleshoot connectivity issues. The tool simulates several client logon and mail flow scenarios. When a test fails, many of the errors have troubleshooting tips to assist you in correcting the problem. For more information, see our previous blog post here.

New/updated features

  • Updated user interface
  • New CAPTCHA implementation. (This is the hard to read words that make you prove you are a human)
  • No more ‘Beta’ label
  • Additional tests
    • Exchange Web Services – This allows you to perform connectivity testing for Exchange Web Services client such as Entourage. Developers can also use the Service Account Verification test to ensure things are configured and working properly for access with an alternate account or ExchangeImpersonation.
    • Outbound SMTP – Performs Reverse DNS testing, DNS RBL Checks, and SenderID validation against a provided “outbound” IP address
  • Updated the Outlook Anywhere test logic to work with Exchange 2010
  • Added a link in the footer to the Remote Connectivity Analyzer TechNet forum
  • Added a password confirmation text box to ensure the proper password was entered before running a test. This will reduce the number of tests that fail simply due to a typo in the password.

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