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OABInteg – Offline Address Book Integrity (OABINTEG) is used for troubleshooting Offline Address Book (OAB) generation issues on the Microsoft Exchange Server, and the OAB download problems on the Microsoft Outlook clients.
The tool is developed by Dave Goldman, an Exchange Escalation engineer from Microsoft.

Here are some of the new features, taken from Dave’s Blog:

  1. The ability to detect if you are running OABInteg on an Exchange server. If you are running OABInteg on an Exchange server all of the Exchange OAB registry keys will be scanned and displayed. If you are not they will not be displayed. This was done to cut down some of the noise in the application.

  2. Detect which version of Exchange you are running on Exchange 2003 – Exchange 2007 and display which version and service pack information.

  3. The ability to run OABInteg on an 64bit computer. Being that 64 bit computers has two registry locations for 32 and 64 bit applications, OABInteg now can be ran on both architectures.

  4. Running certain MAPI tests with a Cached Mode profile will be permanently disabled. You can now only run all of the MAPI tests with an online profile. If you create a new profile make sure you log in to the mailbox for the first time before you run OABInteg otherwise the tables will not exist and you will get an error.

  5. OABInteg will now report which domain controller is being used for all MAPI tests.

  6. A new OABSizer code path has been added. I have added two new tests

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