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A new version of Dave Goldman’s brilliant OABInteg tool has just been released. If you don’t know what the heck OABInteg is for a fish, I can recommend you read this article here on

New features include
1. New error reporting
2. New test to dump out an address list in OAB Version 4 mode.
3. A new check for cached and online mode profiles.

NOTE: If you are in cached mode it will stop as soon as we read the profile information and inform you that you must run this tool with an online profile

4. A check for temp legacyExchangeDN’s.

NOTE: legacyExchangeDN’s are stamped on the user by the NTDS for users that need to be part of the address book, but not yet stamped by the RUS (Recipient Update Service). You will be able to look at the display name of the user and easily find them with LDP and or ADSIEdit. These objects can cause 9340 events that lead to full OAB client downloads.

5. Four (4) more proxy address checks and 2 legacyExchangeDN checks added to the proxytest.

NOTE: These extra checks were added as they can causes 9325’s for users and stop users from being added to your Offline Address List.

6. New test [dumpPDNtable] added for dumping the active directory PDN table.

NOTE: This test will construct a PDN table from the x500 addresses and legacyExchangeDN’s from your organization. All x500 addresses that are checked are only valid if they are from the same organization. This will come in handy when trying to figure out what objects are causing 9340’s and 9341’s events that cause full downloads.

For more information on this, please see my PDN blog:

Coming Soon
1. I am working on a second part of this that will download the OAB attachments from the information store and compare those attachments to the downloaded active directory data. This will be a OAB generation simulation, and will show you the objects causing your full downloads.

2. An OABSizer that will print out the sizes for all attributes on an object. This will come in handy when trying to figure out what objects are causing the biggest bloat for your OAB. This will mostly be used for pre Service Pack 2 or non OAB Version 4 servers.


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