New VMware View clients released

I remain firmly convinced that virtual desktops and the Bring Your Own Device phenomenon are inextricably linked and, with the rise of BYOD, organizations will find it more and more important to deploy virtual desktops.  By doing so, companies will make it possible for users to use whatever device matches that worker’s particular working style while, at the same time, protecting the company’s information assets and allowing the company to deploy a single desktop image to all employees, regardless of device.  This is pretty nice!  Imagine: A mix of Macs, PCs, iPads and Kindle Fires… all running a single Windows desktop image with all of the corporate software behind it.  No information ever leaves the data center because the individual devices connect via an app that sends only screen updates to the local device; no data is actually transmitted.

To that end, VMware recently announced the release of a technology preview version of a View client for Mac and Linux machines and also announced a coming version of a View client for Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire tablet.

As time goes on, expect support for more and more devices as the BYOD trend gains steam.

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