News About Steve Moffat’s URL and Domain Name Sets

News on Steve Moffat’s Destination Sets from Steve himself:

Hey folks,

Sean Hennigan has very kindly pointed out the following regarding my destination sets.

Thanks for putting these deny lists together.  However, there is one major problem with your lists.  You have the majority of the sites with an asterisk in front of the domain name (* so that it can block all the host names.  Problem is that it doesn’t block In ISA, we have to specify both and * to block the main domain name and all of its host names.

So, you may need to update the list by adding the domain name without the asterisk.  I imported your deny rules and was able to access the sites without the host name but ISA did block it if I used any host name.

He also very kindly updated the following sets for ISA 2004, (I will update the others for 2006 when I recover from visiting Thor…J and

The site has been updated with the new sets.



You can find Steve’s lists at




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