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Still relaxing in the sun. Tips and tutorials galore. Clippy on steroids. IT pros work like dogs (video) which is why they too should be able to enjoy summer, right? Canada’s new Space Division will be equipped with the latest in rocketry to defend the country against aliens. Plus lots more — read it all, read it here on WServerNews!

No we’re not asking for tips: we’re giving them away—for free! Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash

Editor’s Corner

We’re still OOF on holidays relaxing in the sun so this week’s newsletter is another abbreviated edition. This issue has tips, more tips and lots more tips and tutorials ranging over a bunch of different platforms and topics of interest to IT professionals. We’ll catch up on what’s been happening news-wise in the tech world next week when we get back to our regular routine and start wading through several thousands of emails that will have inevitably clogged up our inbox. In the meantime enjoy this week’s issue of WServerNews!

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Got comments about anything in this issue?

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Meet the Editors!

MITCH TULLOCH is Senior Editor of WServerNews and is a widely recognized expert on Windows Server and cloud technologies. He has written more than a thousand articles and has authored or been series editor for over 50 books for Microsoft Press and other publishers. Mitch has also been a twelve-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in the technical category of Cloud and Datacenter Management. He currently runs an IT content development business in Winnipeg, Canada that produces books, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, courseware, documentation, newsletters and articles for various companies.

INGRID TULLOCH is Associate Editor of WServerNews. She was co-author of the Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking from Microsoft Press and collaborated on developing university-level courses in Information Security Management for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. Ingrid also manages Research and Development for the IT content development business she runs together with Mitch.

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Tips and tutorials galore

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We’ll start off this section with a whole bunch of tips and tutorials on Windows 11:

Next comes some useful stuff that focuses mainly on Windows Server and Active Directory:

And finally here are some general and specific tips for securing your devices, infrastructure (on-prem or cloud) and data (personal or business):

We hope that you’ve found some of these tips and tutorials helpful!

IT Bookshelf

Our book review section will return in our August 22nd newsletter!

Factoid: Clippy on steroids

We’ll catch up with responses to our Factoids when we’re back from holidays. In the meantime here is this week’s factoid:

Fact: Is there a maximum size for Windows clipboard data? Because I’m getting null for something I know should be there (The Old New Thing)


Question: Windows 10 has a feature called clipboard history that stores the most recent 25 items you’ve cut or copied. To open your clipboard history press Winkey+V and to find out more about the feature read this How-To Geek article. My question for readers is, do you ever use this feature? Since I do a lot of writing I tried using it but I find it clunky, it usually slows my writing instead of speeding it up. Is there a better tool out there for pasting frequently-needed snippets of text? Something like Clippy on steroids that you can use from the keyboard instead of having to mouse around. I’m sure there must be something good available in this department but I’m too darn lazy to look around—any suggestions? Email us your answer and we’ll include it in our next issue!

Fun videos from Flixxy

Summer is almost over so let’s enjoy it like the people—and animals—in these videos!

The Best Of Summer – People Are Awesome – With summer coming to a close, we’re celebrating all of our favorite beach activities!

Pets’ First Day of Summer – It’s the best day of the whole year! It’s the first day of summer, which mean more sunshine, more beach day and more fun!

Dog Days of Summer – A group of dogs have a great time at the beach. A clip from a group of dog owners in Budapest, Hungary.

Vivaldi ‘Summer’ – Classical Music Comedy – The female quartet ‘Salut Salon’ knows how to play Vivaldi’s ‘Sommer’ in the key of comedy.

And Finally

The odd, the stupid and the remarkable. Good for your mental health.

Cambridge crowned UK’s most AI-ready city (ITPro)

[That’s because all the real intelligence can be found at Oxford.]

Mastercard Announces Quantum Computing Collaboration with D-Wave (Tom’s Hardware)

[Oh great, now I won’t be able to simultaneously know the exact amount of money in both my savings and chequing accounts. P.S. How’s that for geekiness?]

The phone is terrible for cloud gaming (The Verge)

[But I’ve actually *used* the saw on my Swiss Army knife! P.S. Read the article if you want to understand this.)

Establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division (Mirage.News)

[They’ll be equipped with the latest in Estes Model Rockets to defend our Great White North against alien invasion.]

Hey reader! Got an amazing or weird or funny link you’d like to suggest for this section of our newsletter? Email us! But please make sure that it’s G-rated as in “Gee whiz”, “Golly!”, “Good grief!”, “Gaaahh!!” and so on. Thanks!

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