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PowerShell and Windows Server Virtualization. PowerShell and Microsoft Exchange. PowerShell and Active Directory. Cool PowerShell scripts and tricks. What’s coming in PowerShell 7.2. It wasn’t my fault the network died, it was caused by cosmic rays that did it! You can use WUfB even if you’re not a business. Four hour workday for tech workers? Plus lots more — read it all, read it here on WServerNews!

Unlike the shell on this slowly crawling ugly little snail, you can get things done pretty darn fast with Windows PowerShell! Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash


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Editor’s Corner

This issue of WServerNews is chock full of sweet ‘n’ salty PowerShell goodies, yum! Enjoy!

PowerShell and Windows Server Virtualization

Our own Brien Posey here at TechGenix has written some terrific articles on this subject:

Building PowerShell scripts to check a VMM host’s servicing windows

Using VMM to run scripts to manage remote Hyper-V hosts

Fixing problems with Hyper-V virtual networks using PowerShell

Using PowerShell with Hyper-V VMs to bulk add memory

PowerShell and Microsoft Exchange

TechGenix contributor Edward van Biljon definitely knows how to leverage the power of PowerShell in environments where Microsoft Exchange is being used:

Exchange 2019: Managing your mailboxes with PowerShell

Exchange 2019: Managing your distribution groups with PowerShell

Need Exchange reports? Use PowerShell to create them

Importing PST files into an Exchange mailbox using PowerShell or Outlook

PowerShell and Active Directory

Power up your Active Directory environment by using these tricks from TechGenix writer Nirmal Sharma:

Bad logon attempts in Active Directory: Track them down with PowerShell

Logging off and removing WVD user sessions in bulk

Checking domain controllers SSL status using PowerShell

Cybersecurity: Checking full permissions on organizational units

Cool PowerShell scripts and tricks

Some very cool PowerShell scripts and tricks I’ve come across recently on other sites include these ones:

Test-Environment: Building an Active Directory OU structure with Groups and Users with PowerShell Automation (

Enable Remote Desktop remotely with PowerShell (Enable-RemoteDesktop) (

PowerShell: How to create Logging for your PowerShell Scripts (

How to Connect PowerShell to Office 365 (Adam the Automator)

In-Depth Guide to Building a PowerShell Pipeline in Azure DevOps (Adam the Automator)

How to Survive Refactoring a PowerShell Script from Hell (Adam the Automator)

What’s coming in PowerShell 7.2

This news comes straight from the horse’s mouth (the horse is named Redmond):

PowerShell Team 2021 Investments (PowerShell Team DevBlogs)

The latest preview for PowerShell 7.2 can be found here on GitHub if you want to try it out:

It wasn’t my fault the network died, it was caused by cosmic rays that did it!

And finally here’s an article you may want to try using someday if you manage IT for a company and something mysteriously goes wrong with your network:

Cosmic rays causing 30,000 network malfunctions in Japan each year (The Mainichi)

Just tell your boss that there’d been an uptick in cosmic radiation and it was the likely cause of why he lost his email stored in the cloud. After all, there’s more cosmic radiation at higher levels of the atmosphere where clouds reside, right?

P.S. To find out what’s been happening lately with cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere, look here:

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Tip of the Week

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You can use WUfB even if you’re not a business

Great great article by Susan Bradley the Patch Lady if you want to get a tighter grip on how software updates are applied to your Windows 10 computers. See especially the second registry setting she mentions:

Windows Update for Business: details, details (ComputerWorld)


Admin Toolbox

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Riot lets you compress images either by file size or by many other image attributes:

TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery software primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again:

Postbox is the Power Email App for busy professionals like you:


Factoid – Four hour workday for tech workers?

Our fascinating factoid for this issue of our newsletter is this:

Fact: Report: One-third of tech workers admit to working only 3 to 4 hours a day (Fast Company)


Question: What do you think these tech workers are doing with the rest of their time? Working on a side hustle? Playing games? Email your answers to us at [email protected]


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Podcast Corner

Azure Security Center with Yuri Diogenes (RunAsRadio)

Using Application Dictionaries For Better Security Policy Management (Heavy Networking)

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (Virtually Speaking)

Troubleshooting Common Wi-Fi Problems with RUCKUS (Clear To Send)

Project Zero burns Western counterterrorism operation (Risky Business)

Almost Acquired, Hacks and Some News (Microsoft Cloud Show)


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Fun videos from Flixxy

The Perfect Date (Comedy)

A funny scene from the movie ‘Miss Congeniality’ featuring Heather Burns and William Shatner.

Amazing Puzzle

Can you explain this amazing mind bending puzzle?

Guy Flies Homemade Hoverboard While Drone Follows Him

Canadian inventor Alexandru Duru flies his homemade hoverboard 40ft high while a drone follows him.

A Simple Math Trick

This percentage trick is so easy – but you probably don’t know it. It makes solving percentage questions so much faster.


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