THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., June 12, 2007– Nexsan Technologies, the leader in secure and energy efficient storage solutions, today announced that it is offering storage systems featuring Hitachi Global Storage Technologies’ new Ultrastar™ A7K1000 one-terabyte (TB) enterprise-class hard drives, which will immediately be incorporated into the company’s award-winning SATABeast, SATABoy and SATABlade products. These new hard drives add 33% increased capacity over existing configurations.

Utilizing the industry’s highest-capacity hard drives, Nexsan has increased the total capacity of the SATABeast to 42TB, the highest of any RAID system available today, in just 4U of rack space. SATABoy jumps in capacity to 14TB in a 3U configuration and the SATABlade now provides 8TB in a 1U form factor.

“With the vast amount of high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography that we produce for customers, we are always looking for an optimized disk solution that allows us to get the upper hand on our capacity requirements,” said Mick Garrett, CTO of i-cubed, a premier provider of geospatial imagery, management and dissemination systems. “Since we first introduced Nexsan’s SATABeast 2 years ago, the units have performed flawlessly and rapidly become the cornerstone of our storage strategy. Our SATABeast systems enable us to easily and securely manage our disk-intensive image processing applications in the most cost-effective manner. The system’s increased capacity with the new Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB drives continues to scale up to suit our growing needs for maximum storage space with a minimum of power consumption and physical floor space to house it.”

Unique in the industry, Nexsan offers first high density storage arrays to deliver full enterprise class performance and reliability along with the unparalleled energy saving benefits of AutoMAID™ (Massive Array of Idle Disks). All Nexsan storage products with AutoMAID help to reduce power consumption and carbon emissions while eliminating the performance compromise of other MAID systems. AutoMAID™ is the only MAID architecture that supports standard high performance RAID as well as disk-based backup, VTL (Virtual Tape Libraries), and data archiving implementations.

“Nexsan continues to lead the way in delivering the latest drive technologies, providing our customers with the highest capacities in the same compact form factors,” said Gary Watson , CTO at Nexsan. “With the Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB drives, coupled with our AutoMAID technology, we are shattering the capacity limitations of other storage systems, while keeping power consumption costs low without sacrificing performance or availability.”

Announced in April 2007, the Hitachi Ultrastar 7K1000 hard drive delivers the industry’s highest-capacity 7200 RPM enterprise-class hard drive. The Ultrastar A7K1000 hard drive is the next generation of Hitachi ‘s popular Enterprise SATA hard drives, which have become known for outstanding reliability in the field with performance to match.

“The one-terabyte capacity point is an important industry milestone and it’s gratifying to see how quickly our customers are able to qualify these hard drives for their systems,” said Jose Antelo, vice president, marketing and strategy, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. “With our established relationship with Nexsan and our track record for Enterprise SATA hard drive reliability, we are confident that we can help deliver high-capacity and high-performance storage to Nexsan and its customers.”

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Nexsan Technologies is the worldwide leader in secure and energy-efficient storage solutions. Nexsan delivers secure storage appliances and modular, high capacity disk storage systems for a broad range of applications including fixed content storage and archiving, compliance and litigation support, primary storage, disk-based backup, digital video security, medical imaging, email and rich media. With a complete line of storage solutions that offer exceptional price/performance, Nexsan is the choice of Fortune Global 500 companies, major governmental agencies, and leading organizations worldwide. For more information, please see the company’s website at

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