Notes from the field – Part IV: Public Folders permissions

There are so many Exchange Public Folders tools. Probably too many. One can’t help getting confused with the different tools and different versions available. Microsoft Exchange Team has a great post in their blog about the subject: Confused by different public folder tools?

I read it very carefully, but I must confess I was still confused even after reading it. My main objective was to migrate PF permissions, after having replicated all the Public Folders with the InterOrg Replication Tool. PFDavAdmin seemed to be the right solution, so I decided to give it a try. No success, the tool didn’t work with groups, only with user accounts.

My second try involved exporting PF ACLs with PFInfo and then importing them with PFAdmin. Again, it didn’t work because PFInfo doesn’t export the full path of the Public Folders, so I got some errors.

At the end, I used an export from PFDavAdmin, made some tweaking in the export file and I successfully imported ACLs with PFAdmin. The trick is to remove “Public Folders” from the path of the export file (Public Folders\Folder1\Folder2 become just Folder1\Folder2).

Every case is a different case. Maybe next time I’ll come up with a different solution. This one worked for me, so I decided to share it with all of you.

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