Notes Minder is not your friend

Notes Minder is a little utility that can be installed on Lotus Notes client workstations to monitor user’s mail and calendars so that users are notified when they have new mail or calendar alarms when Lotus Notes is not running.  However, if this tool is running on the Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes server, it may hold Notes sessions open.  If the session is not closed, you may experience issues such as configuration changes not applying to the server.  Notes Minder is installed as a separate application that is launched from the Start menu’s Lotus Applications folder.  If Notes Minder is running, you should see an icon in the auto launch portion of your Task Bar.  To close Notes Minder, right click on the icon and select Exit.  Also, check the Startup folder to make sure it’s not loading automatically.  You should also verify that the NotesMM.exe task is not listed in Task Manager – we’ve seen it running there even without the icon appearing in the Task Bar.


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