Windows95 and Novell Netware Server

Although Microsoft is now a major supplier in the Server software market with
Windows NT server, there is the huge number of installed “Novell Netware Server“.
Microsoft is acknowledging this fact, by including with Windows95 all required
software for a very easy and efficient connection to a “Novell Netware Server“:
as soon as any network-adapter (an Ethernet-card or a Modem-Dialup-adapter)
is installed, the Windows95 setup software installed immediately :
Support for Microsoft Networks (PC-to-PC or to a Windows NT server):
– Client for Microsoft Networks
– NetBEUI protocol
but also the support for Netware Networks:
– Client for Netware Networks
– IPX/SPX compatible protocol

When comparing the setup of the network-components between Windows 95 and the Novel-Netware server, they are very similar:

A closer look at:
Connecting to a Novell-Netware Server
Using Long-Filename on a Netware Server(Updated: Feb.7,98)
File and Print Sharing, while connected to a Novell-Netware Server
Sharing the printer a Netware Print-Queue
Enforcing Network Login via POLEDIT
Lets use now Dialup-Networking Server to establish a Dial-in to the Windows95/Netware server configuration:
Dial-Up connection to Windows95/Novell-Netware Server

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