Configure DUN as Internet Connection

When connecting to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), a few more items need to be defined as part of your Internet connection:

The additional Setup-windows are accessed via the “More” drop-down list:

In the “Edit Phonebook Entry“:
tab: “Basics“: it is just a
repeat of the main-window.
The tab:”Server” requires
much more attention:
define as
Dial-Up Server Type:”
PPP: WinNT, Internet
Select as protocol ONLY
TCP/IP” and define the
TCP/IP” values, which are
usually to get the IP-address
assigned by the Server.
In most cases, you need to
define the IP-addresses of
the DNS-server (this are the
Values for CompuServe, for
your own Internet connection,
check with your ISP for the
To avoid to have to enter
manually your identification on
connection to the Internet,
use a Script.
For CompuServe, it is already
included with Windows NT4.
For other ISP’s: check with
your ISP for the required
Check the tab:”Security”.
Again: this info has to be
supplied by your ISP.
The “Logon Preferences
allow to define some of the
behavior of the Dial-Up
I like to put also a
Check-Mark on “Close on Dial”

That should be all.
you are now ready to make your connection to the Internet.

Dialing out via DUN to the Internet

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