Define a Dial-Up Networking Connection

Once “Dial-Up Networking” is installed, lets start it up from “My Computer” and lets define a connection to the Internet, in my case, via my CompuServe Dial-In (but this setup is very similar to other ISPs):

Since there is not yet any connection defined,
your “phonebook” is empty.
You have only one option to continue: OK
Give your connection a name.
Define the type of Server:
If you are calling the Internet,
put in the Check-Mark !
Define the phone-number to call.
You have the option to enter it
either as a full-number (as I did)
or following the “Telephony
Dialing properties”, where you
are asked for:
– Country
– area-code
That is the better choice for a
Mobile computer, which has to
Connect from different locations.

That’s it: the connection is defined, but you still need to “Configure it”, before you can use it !

Configure DUN as Internet Connection

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