NT4 Installation/Setup of Network-Drivers

Windows NT 4 is up-and-running, a network board has been installed and the network cable has been properly connected ( please be aware about the special actions to be done for Installation of a Plug-and-Play Network card).
Now, we are ready for the Windows NT4 Network Setup:
In the “Control-Panel”, start the “Network” applet:

Since we requested it, lets go ahead:

At this time, I want to set-up the Ethernet-Network, so I am “wired to a network“.

I am asked for the type of Network-board. There is the option to let the system search for a network board, but I myself prefer to “select from list” (which is also a lot quicker)

Which protocol to use ? For a simple PC-to-PC network, I use “NetBEUI“.
(I do not yet select “TCP/IP” protocol, which I will require later for my Internet connection to “keep it simple” at this stage).

The list of services. All of them are required (and you cannot de-select any of them). For a simple PC-to-PC network, nothing else is required.
We have now defined all the 4 basic components of a network:
– the Client” ( called: Workstation, this is a Client for Microsoft Networks!)
– the Protocol
– the “Network-adapter
– the “Server (called in Windows95: “File and Print Sharing”)

The system needs now to copy some files from the WindowsNT4 CD-ROM:

Depending on the network-adapter used, questions may be asked for the configuration of the network-board, usually concerning IRQ and I/O-port:

On the next screen, just press OK to confirm , if you have an ISA-board:

The system will now present the current network-setup, allowing you to de-activate some of the “bindings“:

Lets have a closer look to the Bindings by opening up the items:

Since we have only 1 Network board, and not yet any Dial-Up adapter, we need all of these Bindings. However, on a systems with MULTIPLE network-boards (Ethernet/Token-Ring/MULTIPLE Dial-Up AdapterS), it is now possible to configure the protocols to be used with the network-adapters by adjusting the Bindings.
We are almost done:

As last info, you need to define the name of your computer and the name of the workgroup, which MUST be the same on all systems connected on a PC-to-PC network (you also do this, if you connect to a Novell-Netware server).
Choose ONLY “Domain“, if you are connected to a Windows NT server with a defined Domain !

That’s it, we are ready for the reboot:

I suggest, that on restart of the WindowsNT system, you have a look in the “Control-Panel” “Services“-applet to verify, that both “server” and “workstation” have both started up automatically.

You should also check in the “Control-Panel” the “Server”-applet, which should come up now, showing any incoming network connection/connected users.
You are now ready to go via your “Network-Neighborhood” and to connect to other Windows95 and WindowsNT systems.
However, there is still some job to do, before users can connect this THIS NT4 system:
NT4 User Permissions

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