NT4 as Client on Novell Netware Networks

Windows NT4 includes all required software to connect to a Novell Netware Server.
Assuming, that the basic network-software is already installed, select in the “Network Neighborhood” the “Network“-applet, tab: “Protocols“:

Netware servers do NOT support the Microsoft “NetBEUI“-protocol, some are configured for TCP/IP-protocol, but the majority uses the “IPX/SPX protocol“.

In addition to the “IPX/SPX” protocol, the system installed “NetBIOS“.
Select now the tab: “Services“, then the “Add” button:

Select the “Client Service for Netware”.
The system will read files from the NT4 CD-ROM, and then you are requested to reboot.
Once you have logged on, you will be prompted to define your Netware-connection:

Enter the required information. The system will then connect to the Netware Server(s).
If you like to check/change these Netware connection information, it is NOT part of the “network”-applet, but has in the “Control-Panel” its own icon:
CSNW : “Client Services for Netware:

Define your “Preferred Server” (for Netware 3.x) or your “Default Tree and Context” (for Netware 4.x). In addition, you can configure Network-Printing (Notification, Banner,…) and whether to run the Login Script.

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