Dialing in to an NT4 Remote Access Server

On the NT4 Client system, Dial-Up Networking can be defined for Dialing out with all possible protocols:

When defining now the “Dial-Up Networking” connection, I have now the choice to select any protocol, without having to reboot (because the systems needed to establish a new “binding“).
Connection from NT4 DUN via NetBEUI-protocol :

NetBEUI is a simple protocol, and as long as it is defined both on the NT4 RAS Server and the NT4 DUN-Client, you should have no problem to connect:

Once you are connected, the NT4 RAS system shows up in the “Network Neighborhood” and you can browse the resources.

Be patient, it may take a while, before the information is showing up
in the “Network-Neighborhood

Connection from NT4 DUN via IPX protocol

However, when establishing the connection
via IPX-protocol, the NT4 RAS Server
will NOT show up in the “Network Neighborhood” !
According to the Microsoft “Knowledge Base“,
that is a “designed behavior” (and don’t ask me
why, it took me already too long to find that
Microsoft statement).
Use the
“Run”-window to
request a display
of the resources
available on the
server, from
here you can
either map
drives or

I have no explanation for this “Microsoft Design”, and what is more confusing this subject:

Using a Windows95 DUN Client, which
is configure for IPX-protocol, the
NT4 RAS system WILL BE displayed
in the “Network Neighborhood” !

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