Dialing in via NT4 RAS/DUN to Netware

The “Remote Access Server” on NT4 allows you also to establish a connection to Netware servers.
On the NT4 “Dial-Up Networking” Client, install in the “Network“-applet the “Client Service for Netware“:

Since we want to connect to a Netware Server, you will (most probably) need to install “IPX”-protocol (the default protocol for Netware server connection)

Since I like to use the NT4 Client also
to connect to the Internet, I need “TCP/IP”.
IF I like to browse also the office NT4
system, I need “NetBEUI”-protocol, and
now I have also “IPX”-protocol for
the connection to the Netware servers.
Each time, a protocol is added, the system
“reviews” the bindings between the
Protocols, the adapters and the Services,
requiring each time a reboot to
implement the new “Bindings”.

When now rebooting, the systems starts the “Client Service for Netware”, but cannot locate any “answering” Netware Server, so it pops up with:

Just select “yes” to continue.
Since we like to be able to browse the Office-NT4 system and the Netware servers, we need to use BOTH “NetBEUI” and “IPX” as connection protocols:

please, be patient, it may take a while before the systems are
displayed in the “Network Neighborhood
When the connection is established, the NT4 RAS
server should be visible almost immediately in
the “Network Neighborhood”, when browsing
nor the “Netware Servers”, it can take a while,
before the list is displayed (so enjoy the “waving flashlight”).

When trying to “browse” a Netware server, where your NT-username/Password does not match, you will be prompted with a “Login-Screen”, where you can now enter the required Netware-Login “Username” and “Password“.

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