NT4/2000 Restart/Reboot with mapped Network drivers

You have created (=”mapped“) a network drive in NT4 or a network drive in Windows 2000
( on this issue, Windows 95/98/ME offer a better solution via a “Quick Logon”) with
the option to “Reconnect at logon“, but at the time of a restart / reboot of the NT4 or Windows
2000 system, the system sharing the resource is powered off, resulting now to an error message:

the network drive with the failed connection is marked with a red cross:

Windows 2000

Once the system sharing the resource is powered up, just use the mapped drive, the system
will establish now the network connection.
If you attempt to use such a “red crossed” network drive and the other system it not yet ready,
then the error message “the network path was not found” will be displayed:

Windows 2000

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