NT4 User Permissions

When you have worked on a Windows95 system, you did not pay too much attention to User-names (unless you were connected to an office-server), because whatever User-Name you entered on a PC-to-PC Windows95 network, Windows95 will do its best “to execute your wishes”.
When you work with a Windows NT system, you have to get used to a different response from NT: “Hey, do you have the permission to ask me to do that job ?” And without proper permission, nothing gets executed by NT !
And that includes EVERYBODY, trying to connect via the network !
So, assuming that you have logged into your NT4-system as “Administrator” (or as a user with Administrator rights), lets start the “User Manager
(NT4-Server “User-Manager for Domains” can be accessed from Windows95/98 via NT-Server Tools) :

Even if it its your own system, you should NOT always login as “Administrator“, so create first a “New User” for yourself, giving yourself proper permissions by making you a member of the appropriated Groups:

What are the members of Groups allows to do ?
(lets look in the menu under “Policies“,”User Rights“:

Select from the drop-down list for “Right”:
“Access this computer from Network”
EVERYONE, who has a defined “User-Name”, can connect via the Network to the disks of the NT4 system (don’t worry:
Sharing permissions will still be covered!)
Select from the drop-down list for “Right”:
“Log on locally”
Again, the groups are listed, which include the group “EVERYBODY” (all defined users on the NT4 system) and the group “Users”.

Why is with so important ?
If you like to enable other people (like your kids) to access the disk of your NT4 system (or a section of the disk), do you like, that they can also sit down in front of the NT4 system and log-on locally ?
To prevent that, lets create a user with ONLY network access permission:

Make sure, that such Network-user are NOT member of ANY Group !
(They are still member of the hidden group “EVERYBODY“, allowing them to connect via the network).
When talking about “Usernames“, we need also to discuss “Passwords” and it specific management under NT4:
NT4 User Passwords
We have done the definition of users, but before the Network users can access your disk, there is still the matter for the “Sharing”:
NT4 Disk Sharing

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