Windows NT4 Workstation versus Server

When thinking of Windows95/98 of being the little brother or Windows NT4 workstation, then Windows NT4 Server is the BIG brother.
What are the main differences (except the price ) ?
1) Domain versus Workgroup
Windows NT4 workstations are not able to act as a Domain controller.
A domain requires at least ONE NT server.
2) additional Administration Tools

NT4 WorkstationNT4 Server

3) additional Network Services
NT4 server offer more Services in the Network-applet
(Marked in Red the Service only available on NT4 Server, not available on NT workstation)

4) Dialup-Networking (DUN)/Remote Access Service (RAS)

While both Windows NT4 Workstation and Server can be configured for
multiple modems, you are limited on NT4 Workstation to a SINGLE active
Modem connection, while NT4 Server supports up to 256 simultaneous
modem connections (important, since it allows multiple VPN incoming connection
on NT server).

5) Additional Disk-Manager functionality

While both NT4 Workstation and Server support FAT and NTFS file-systems,
only NT4 Server support “Fault-Tolerance” disk-configurations.
There are additional (more minor) differences in other tools
( like the User-manager, which has under NT4 Server additional features to handle Domains.)

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